Take notes...This stuff is fire. 

Below are some pictures of Greg (co-creator) and I with girls we met from Tinder or Bumble. 
BEFORE I learned this stuff - Dork with no girls. No matches. Sad.  
AFTER I learned this stuff - Got matches like crazy and my business blew up
AFTER I learned this stuff - Lots of girls
First off let me tell you something really important:


THINK MCDONALDS...Their shitty hamburgers look damn good in their ads and you buy them. They mastered the art of making low quality food look mouth-watering with proper lighting and posturing. 

Second point I want to get across: 

5 years ago, Tinder and Bumble were still obscure - Only ugly girls and desperate guys used them (we call these people early adopters). 
Today, everyone and their dog (literally dogs) are on Tinder and Bumble. The mass market finally figure out that it's easier and more efficient to meet new people using technology...So yes, there are many hot girls on these apps and you need to use them. 


If you are not a professional marketer, photographer or pouty-lipped Instagram babe, you probably don't know all the tricks to attract, engage and connect with a digital audience. Maybe you think a poor-lighting mirror selfie will do the job... Maybe you think a picture of you will a silly grin holding a big fish you just caught will bring in the babes...Maybe a "Deer In Headlights" shot will do it...

Sorry, guys. Those pics are not enough. 

The truth is, there is a REASON why girls are attracted to your profile. There is a formula. 

Here it is: 
1. Convey Health (good shape, good genes) 
2. Convey safety (you have friends and other girls are not scared of you)
2. Convey high social status (you are not a loser. Girls want to align themselves with winners)

If you can convey these 3 things in your profile, you will have matches with hot girls coming out of your ears. You will also find it much easier to engage your match and girls will respond to you and you will get dates. 

So how do you learn how to build an amazing profile that will get you matches and dates?

We built a course to help you build a killer profile that actually works...It took us 2 years and a lot of work, but it's finally here. 
We give to you...
Profile Mastery
Profile Mastery is for real. It's the shit. If you use it properly, it will get you to the top 20% of guys on Tinder and Bumble in less than a week.  
2000 + guys have already went through the program and helped tweak it and evolve it for you right now. 
Greg O'Gallagher: Founder of Kinobody.com 

"I've been using these strategies to take my results to the next level. This is legit and that's why I'm supporting it."  
Here's what one customer had to say... 6 dates in one day...

Another hot fire case study...
Imagine... having a steady stream of high-quality matches slide right into your phone every day...

Imagine...sending one message to your matches and having them engage like crazy... 

Imagine... only spending 10 minutes a day and lining up dates for the entire week...
This is exactly what Profile Mastery will do for you...
1. Match you with your 9's and 10's by showing you exactly how to create an amazing, high-converting profile that triggers a woman's fundamental attraction switches (health, safety, high social status). 

2.  Get you responses and engagement by showing you exactly how to engage a match using your profile and bio.  Girls will want to meet you... no flaking, no drama, or games. 

3. Save you 2 years of learning. Learning this stuff on your own could take you up to 2 years. It's much better to accelerate the learning curve by using credible and actionable teachings. You might as well learn this stuff in 2 weeks instead of 2 years. Your time is too valuable. 

We've been using these techniques for years to get amazing results with Tinder and Bumble... 
Who am I and why am I qualified to teach this stuff to you?  
I'm Nick Kozmin. I founded a digital marketing consulting firm called salesprocess.io and I also founded funddd.com - a company that helps startups raise money (not that this has anything to do with Tinder or Bumble, but I'm telling you this because I know how to get results in other areas using a scientific and disciplined approach). 
I developed these Tinder and Bumble techniques out of necessity - I came to a new city, I had no girls, no friends and I worked a lot and couldn't go get drunk every night to meet chicks. I turned to Tinder and Bumble to solve my problems. I spent months going through trial and error, but eventually the scientific method paid off and I cracked the code to matching and engaging with hotties. 
What does Profile Mastery Include?
Step by Step Archetype Based Profile Action Plan
A step-by-step plan to use to build a killer profile 
  •  The 3 Different Archetypes Explained (And Why Sticking to One Will Get 9s and 10s).  
  •   The Exact Photos Needed for Each Archetype.
  •   How to Get Amazing Photos Without Hiring a Photographer.  
  •   How to Get Pre-Selection Photos Taken Even if You Know Zero Girls.
1 Hour Of Advanced Profile Analysis
1 hour of profile commentary explaining how to make a successful profile using real examples
  •  A candid commentary critiquing over 9 profiles
  •  A live explanation of what works and what doesn't   
  •  Live suggestions on how to improve your own profile  
How Much Does It Cost?
The Entire Course is Priced at
I understand that for you to buy stuff from me, you need to start small and build up trust. You just met me... I get it! So for the next 2000 buyers, I'm giving you a silly deal that hopefully makes it a no-brainer decision to get on board.  (My accountant doesn't get it, but who cares...) 

Instead of paying $247.00, I'm giving you Profile Mastery for just $9.00
Yes, $9.00. For Realzies... 
I'm also giving you a No-Questions-Asked, 30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee 

Because this stuff actually works and I stand behind it. I just want you to try it out.  

If for any reason you go through the action plan and you don't improve your results, you don't pay a dime.   

Is this fair to you?

So, if you want to solve this problem in your life, let me help you. 

If you wait, you won't get the discounted price and you will have to pay $247. 

Join Now Here for just $9: 

Question#1 Do you need to be good looking for this to work? 
Absolutely not. You just need to use the photo strategy! You can easily outcompete good looking guys if you have really high-quality photos! Chances are... The good looking guys are using very low quality photos and they are making it extremely easy for you to stand out with your great photos. 

Take a look at Steve Buscemi...One of the worst looking actors in hollywood can look extremely mysterious and intriguing!  

If you are a young dude, you have no excuse with our strategies!
Question#2 Do I need to spend hours and hours on this every day?   
No way. If you do this right, you should be able to line up a ton of dates with about 20 minutes a day or work. The truth is, when your profile is not optimized, you can swipe and swipe forever and not get any results. With the right profile, you will have an extremely high match rate and girls will respond much more positively. We show you exactly how to build a killer profile that will save you a ton of time, effort and frustration.  A little extra work building the profile will save you hundreds of hours over the long term. 
Question#3 What happens if it doesn't work for me?    
If you execute the steps properly, this will work for you. You will be matching with attractive girls and you will be able to line up dates. If for any reason it doesn't work for you, simply email us and you can access a full refund in 30 days. 
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